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Lite Motion Graphics*
 Images, vectors, slides, with creative edits

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Titles, bullet points, call to actions & more

Daily Project Updates
Buddy's don't leave you in the dark.  We won't either.  Expect proactive, daily follow-up

No contracts
Cancel any time

You'll have a FULL 14 days to see if you like working with us, see if we're any good, and make us prove our worth.  If you're not happy for any reason (or no reason) we'll refund your money and you can keep any work we produced for you. 

We Assume ALL The Risk Of Trying Us Out

Pricing only a buddy, family member, or broke college student might hook you up with.
Always Friendly, Always Fun ... Cheers!

Matt Wolfe Co-Founder Evergreen Profits

These are awesome! They far exceed my expectation and are much better than I could have done myself. I appreciate all the work your guys are putting into these!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Unlimited?  Really?  What's The Catch?"

There is no limit to how many projects you give us.  We'll work through them, one by one, as quickly as we can and then ask "what's next?".  We're here to be your video buddy.  We'll even help you come up with ideas on how to keep us busy so you can continuously crank out excellent content for your business, day after day.

"Who's doing the editing?"

All our editing is done, in-house, at our production studio in Orlando Florida.  Same talented team as our sister service, iMotion Video, which has over 8,000 motion graphic videos produced since 2009.  You'll be in very good hands.

"What's your hourly rate?"

We don't have an hourly rate.  Just one, low monthly flat rate for everyone!

"Do you supply images and music for my videos?"

Sure.  We can find royalty-free images to compliment your videos.  We do it all the time.  :-)

"Are there any hidden costs or upsells?"

Nope.  Not a single one.
When we say FLAT RATE, we mean it.   You'll only pay one flat rate no matter how much you use us.  On the other hand, we won't turn down a tip if you want to pay more :-)

"What's the difference between iMotion Video and Video Buddy?"

Video Buddy is a daily video editing service.  We edit what you shoot or supply.  In addition, we'll edit After Effects templates, webinars, or just about any task that falls within the creative editing realm.

iMotion Video, our sister service, is motion graphic video production (You don't shoot video.  We create if from scratch).  It's animation of vectors, images, and text with voiceover. 

"Do you provide sound effects?"

Sure, some, if we have them in our library.  Some effects may need to be purchased from a 3rd party to be added. But, yes, we will edit anything you want the way you want it.  Your Account Buddy can consult with you in this kind of planning.  

"How long does editing take?"

We work in 1 business day intervals.  So, it really depends on how complicated your project is for final delivery of your production.  Daily progress means 1-2 hours will be spent working on your project each day.  So a project that takes 5 hours of editing might be completed in 3-5 days. You'll be updated daily by your Account Buddy and always kept in the loop from the beginning of each and every request.   

"Do you provide voiceover?"

Most of the time it won't be necessary because we're editing what you shoot.  But for the times you need a voice actor, we have people on staff for a small fee that you can use or you can supply your own and we'll edit it in.  Again, you'll be consulting with your Account Buddy for options.  We're here to help in any way we can.

"I'm in a pinch.  Can I get "short term - full time editing" from you guys?"

We're pretty quick because we're consistently working on your projects every single business day.  However, for projects that require "short term - full time" editing to meet a deadline (say a 10 hour edit job that needs to be done in a day or two), we recommend a freelance editor.  

"How easy is it to cancel?"

Super easy.  Since you'll be in constant, daily contact with your dedicated Account Buddy, you can let them know at anytime to stop your subscription.  Since we're you're buddy, we won't give you a hard time about canceling either.  

After you've notified us of your intention to cancel, we'll continue to work on existing and new project requests through the end of your current billing cycle.

Example Video Editing Projects


I'm so impressed!

THANK YOU!! This looks so awesome!! I love the way you brought in key phrases, and the imagery. I think the group is going to LOVE this . I appreciate the way you went the extra mile for me.

Alee Hoffman Akashic Records Teacher

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Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson
Founder ~ Video Buddy


Livestream Katya

What I like about Video Buddy is that the guys see my videos as a creative movie and always look for ways to improve it. I am pretty savvy myself when it comes to editing but they always add something I wouldn't have thought about. They also always give me tips to be more efficient and be able to create more, better and faster, which is exactly what I need in my business.