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Case Studies

Example Video Editing Projects

When it comes to video for small business, especially on social media, it's all about the story.  The message.  The content.  It's about getting a bunch of content out there - consistently - and having a Video Buddy help with your content will free up your time so you can make even MORE of it.  Have a look at just a few of the projects we've recently worked on for businesses just like yours.

Recent Case Studies

Facebook Video Advertisement


Read more about this project on our blog.

YouTube Channel Content


Read more about this project on our blog.

 Not Your Average Slideshow


Read more about this project on our blog.

Editing videos for small businesses and entrepreneurs is fun and rewarding for us, but it does present its own set of unique challenges.  After all, you're probably not equipped like a Hollywood producer with professional writers, lighting staff, and experienced camera & audio crews to help.

  • The footage provided to us may not be the best quality - we deal with it.
  • The lighting is almost always wrong - we work with it.
  • The audio is usually not the best - we do what we can with it.
  • The shots may not be framed well - we figure out how to make it work.
  • The shots may not be framed well - we find work-arounds.

And here are a few more examples...

Voiceless "How-To" Videos

What?  How To Make Hash? With the right video editing, you can show anybody how to do anything in a very short time.

Better Travel Videos

Not your ordinary slideshow!  Show your travels in a whole new light.

Event Recap & Testimonials

Make a compelling case of your events and workshops with video.

Repurpose & Enhance Facebook Live Video

It's your content, repurpose, reorganize, and present it the way you want through the use of editing.

More Examples Coming Soon!
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Livestream Katya

Katya Varbanova - Live Video Strategist, Speaker, Entrepreneur

What I like about Video Buddy is that the guys see my videos as a creative movie and always look for ways to improve it. I am pretty savvy myself when it comes to editing but they always add something I wouldn't have thought about. They also always give me tips to be more efficient and be able to create more, better and faster, which is exactly what I need in my business.


Creative, Responsive, Reliable, & Talented

Adrienne Dorison - Partner

We use Video Buddy to help create snackable video content for our audience and for Facebook Ads. We love this service. Video Buddy helped turn our 60 minute livestreams into several 1-3 minute clips that had actual production value and looked great. There is no way we would have been able to do what they did ourselves. I was also very impressed at how involved the project managers were with the success of our content creation. I would highly Video Buddy to anyone who creates video content for social media. Two thumbs up!

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