April 12


You’ll Know It When You See It

By Jason Anderson

April 12, 2017

Sometimes you don't know exactly what you want until you actually see it.

Especially true with video when it can be creatively edited many different ways.

So, if you have the time and the talent (or someone helping you if you don't), it's good to come up with several creative versions of the same video.  Once you see a couple different versions, it's easier to nail down what you like and what you don't.

When we do creative edits, sometimes we have no idea what's going to look good until we start piecing something together.  What's in our head, as editors, may look totally different on the video canvas once it's there.

Colors, text fonts, background blends, and the way things move have a way of coming to life in ways that you just can't see until it's really there.

And, That's exactly what we did for David Avellan for this video bumper that he's planning on using for the end of some of his videos on Youtube.

He wanted us to take a rough video he shot on his DSLR with a cheap greenscreen video kit he bought on Amazon.  In fact, here's what was sent to us to work with...

Here's The Raw Video Start


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The audio isn't the best quality.  It's what was given to us to work with.  It was recorded (not by us) using just the camera microphone from his DSLR.  

Here Are The Edited Versions

Version 1


Version 2


Version 3


Version 4


Version 5


We edited this over a couple days and he flip-flopped on what he liked and what he didn't. See if you can guess which one David ultimately went with by commenting in the comments section below:

About the author

Jason Anderson is the founder of Video Buddy. In 2010, he opened iMotion Video, a motion graphic video production company which has produced over 8,000 individual promotional videos for clients worldwide. Now, Video Buddy is his latest project with a focus on videocentric social media content & fractional video editing services for small business, influencers, & entrepreneurs.

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