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If you host a mastermind or a physical event of some sort, it's good to capture some video so that you can capture the experience and share it in an interesting way.

Scott Oldford hold several mastermind sessions with entrepreneurs and wanted to have a brief "experience" video to showcase what happens at these events so that he can share that and attract new attendees to future events.

The video clips that were provided for editing were recorded in a low resolution so we were limited in quality.  But, that didn't stop us from piecing together a story around the event.  

Case Study


Scott Oldford 


Create a short "experience" video from various video clips shot at a mastermind,

What we did:

  • Spent a few hours to get familiar with all the content so we could put together a story from what was provided
  • Picked out some "testimonial" shots and edited them down to shorter pieces so that it would fit into the video better
  • Selected and inserted appropriate background music for the video

What the client (Scott) did:

  • Provided a Google Drive link with various video clips from the event
  • Asked us to pick and choose from what was there to make a cohesive story.
  • After we put the main part of the video, Scott shot a quick introduction and ending to introduce the video and have a call to action at the end.


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