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August 21, 2020

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Short clips, "snackables", are an excellent way to reach your audience on social. Adding an animated call to action at the end is always a smart move. However, for some of our client work, we're taking it one step farther by adding narration.

We're the team behind some of Nick Nanton's projects and we created this ending sequence in a couple different versions so we can then use it as a template for all of his "snackables" for each series that we're extracting from his show to be shared on LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, etc posts.

The strategy is to share really interesting moments from the show, say 1 1/2 to 3 minute segments from the show with THIS call to action at the end. It's an elegant way to showcase longer form content and to attract, retain, and grow an audience.

Now, by adding in the audio narration at the end, it make it crystal clear what the viewer should do next - - AND - - it encourages engagement on the post which helps get more eyeballs on it all at the same time.

Because we generally try to find 3-5 good snackable micro-stories from each episode, we created a second version so that we could alternate the endings for each one.

Here's the alternate.  Same audio, slightly different visuals.

If you're making animated call to action sequences for your snackable videos, try adding in audio narration. Not only will it increase the production value of your content but it also helps to create more of a personal bond with your audience. Both a win in our book!

Once you create one or two good ones, you can re-use them as a quick and easy template to slap on the end of your shareable content.  

One thing to point out here...

Each episode, we change the title at the bottom but that's purely optional.  You could easily create a more generic ending sequence that doesn't have a title.  Something you could just make once, then cut the same one into each of your videos without the need for light editing at all.  Just grab the video and cut it right into your video at the end.

However you decide to create your call to action, try adding in a short audio narration.  It really ads to the production value of your content.  Don't you agree?

About the author 

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson is the founder of Video Buddy. In 2010, he opened iMotion Video, a motion graphic video production company which has produced over 8,000 individual promotional videos for clients worldwide. Now, Video Buddy is his latest project with a focus on videocentric social media content & fractional video editing services for small business, influencers, & entrepreneurs.

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