Ambitious Video Editing Case Study

By Jason Anderson | Case Studies

Dec 31

When Greg Rollett of came to us to help with his video content, frankly, we were surprised.  He already has a full content, in-house staff, including a more than competent video crew.

Turns out, his goal is to repurpose video content he already has, in a creative way.  His team is already busy with ongoing projects so bringing in Video Buddy to help with content repurposing "just made sense", I recall him telling me.  

The term "Snackable" content just sort of evolved as we talked about what we could do.  Now, we're working almost every day on some of his longform video content and coming up with shareable, likeable, commentable social media content by creatively telling his stories in much smaller chunks.  

So, when you hear us talk about snackable content, that's what we're talking about.  Easily consumable, short, social media content designed to get maximum interaction.

So here's how it went:

We had Greg put a few longform videos into a Google Drive so he could easily share it with us.  From Google Drive, we downloaded several 20-30 minute content videos to cut.Then, we imported the videos into Adobe Premiere to start cutting.

Case Study


Greg Rollett of  


Create "snackable" content from existing longform video.

What we did:

  • Identified several 1-3 minute segments of content from longer videos
  • Created captions from the written audio script
  • Created motion graphic end-card for the end of the videos
  • Inserted the videos into a "square" format so that it's easily shared in social media with logo on top and captions on bottom.

What the client (Greg) did:

  • Reviewed, approved, and disapproved daily video editing follow-up
  • Once the small clips were approved, Greg would have them transcribed and we would manually add in the caption from this transcript.
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About the Author

Jason is the founder of Video Buddy. In 2010, he opened iMotion Video, a motion graphic video production company which has produced over 8,000 individual promotional videos for clients worldwide. Now, Video Buddy is his latest project with a focus on social media video editing for small business & entrepreneurs.