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May 15

Better Travel Videos

By Jason Anderson | Case Studies

When you go on vacation, you spend a lot of time taking in the view, relaxing, and checking out the local cuisine… soaking it all in. And if you’re like most people, what else do you end up doing?

You end up taking a lot of photos and video.  Right?

Then, you find that your phone or video camera (or both) is loaded with a bunch of random clips that sits in your memory stick or hard drive that you rarely ever revisit.

That’s exactly what Jon did when he visited the Amazon and had the time of his life.  So instead of making a boring slideshow, he asked us to compile everything he shot into a nice, creative overview video of his trip.

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Apr 15

Event Recap Videos

By Jason Anderson | Case Studies

If you host a mastermind or a physical event of some sort, it’s good to capture some video so that you can capture the experience and share it in an interesting way.

Scott Oldford hold several mastermind sessions with entrepreneurs and wanted to have a brief “experience” video to showcase what happens at these events so that he can share that and attract new attendees to future events.

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Apr 12

You’ll Know It When You See It

By Jason Anderson | Case Studies

Sometimes you don’t know exactly what you want until you actually see it.

Especially true with video when it can be creatively edited many different ways.

So, if you have the time and the talent (or someone helping you if you don’t), it’s good to come up with several creative versions of the same video.  Once you see a couple different versions, it’s easier to nail down what you like and what you don’t.

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Dec 31

Ambitious Video Editing Case Study

By Jason Anderson | Case Studies

When Greg Rollett of came to us to help with his video content, frankly, we were surprised.  He already has a full content, in-house staff, including a more than competent video crew.

Turns out, his goal is to repurpose video content he already has, in a creative way.  His team is already busy with ongoing projects so bringing in Video Buddy to help with content repurposing “just made sense”, I recall him telling me.

The term “Snackable” content just sort of evolved as we talked about what we could do.  Now, we’re working almost every day on some of his longform video content and coming up with shareable, likeable, commentable social media content by creatively telling his stories in much smaller chunks.

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